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How dare You, NCAA Rules Committee!

The NCAA rules committee has implemented nine new rule changes for the 2015 college football season. But there's one rule change in particular that has my blood boiling to the point where I need ten to fifteen seconds of anarchy right now. I've tried to formulate numerous reasons why these savages in the rules committee would take away such an integral and wonderful piece to the great game of football. Disallowing players to engage in this activity, is like not allowing baseball players to swing bats in the batters box.

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Huskers Fifteen Year Conference Title Drought

When my Husker teammates and I dominated the Texas Longhorns in 1999 to win the Big Twelve Championship, I would have bet my 1997 National Championship ring that my Husker successors would not only win another title within five years, they would compile at least a hand-full within a fifteen year time frame. Obviously, if I would have commit to a seemingly slam dunk wager at the time, my trophy case would be void one of its most precious possessions.

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Do The Cavs Have Enough Stamina?

In the fourth quarter of game one when Kyrie Irving left the game with a fractured knee cap, the cupboard for the Cavs seemed tapped and the collective hopes of Cleveland fans was immediately compressed. After losing game one, the Larry O'Brien Trophy presumably drifted off out of reach into a dark ocean. But there is something special about the man from Akron Ohio we call King James. A man who is believed to be a mixture of any combination of unfathomable superhero attributes. A man that fascinates the great.


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