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Huskers Escape Early Scare

According to the Football Power Index McNeese St had a 1% chance to beat Nebraska on Saturday. But if you ask McNeese St, they felt they had just as good a chance to win the game as the Huskers did, or at least they definitely played like it.

In a game many expected Nebraska to have plenty of symmetry from the previous weeks dominance, the Huskers decided to give fans anxiety attacks with a head scratching performance. The Cowboys took the Huskers to the wire in a game where it took a miraculous run by Ameer Abdullah in the waning moments to prevent overtime.

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Huskers Roll Versus Owls

Heading into the Huskers home opener versus Florida Atlantic I had very controlled optimism -- and for good reason. I knew the team returned a starting quarterback that went 7-1 last season. I knew the team had a bevy of running backs that rivaled any in the country. I knew the defensive line was amongst the top in the Big Ten. And I knew the linebacking core was fast and hungry.

But would it all transfer onto the field?

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The Big Ten's Opportunity For Respect

The Big Ten Football conference can gain some national respect if they chalk up some victories in a few marquee non-conference games this season. And it all starts with Wisconsin as the lead off batter, when they clash against LSU on August 30th at Camp Randall Stadium.

A victory for Wisconsin in this matchup will not only put the entire nation on notice about this year's Badgers team, it will also send a resounding roar across the football landscape that maybe--just maybe--the Big Ten Football Conference is back.


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