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Not Moral Victories Psychological Boosts

Nebraska's loss to Michigan St was a clear indication that the Huskers weren't exactly ready for the big time yet. But charging back and nearly pulling off an improbable comeback in the waining moments versus the Big Ten reigning champs could have given the Huskers just what they need to achieve success this season.

That's fire and determination.

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Huskers Escape Early Scare

According to the Football Power Index McNeese St had a 1% chance to beat Nebraska on Saturday. But if you ask McNeese St, they felt they had just as good a chance to win the game as the Huskers did, or at least they definitely played like it.

In a game many expected Nebraska to have plenty of symmetry from the previous weeks dominance, the Huskers decided to give fans anxiety attacks with a head scratching performance. The Cowboys took the Huskers to the wire in a game where it took a miraculous run by Ameer Abdullah in the waning moments to prevent overtime.

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Huskers Roll Versus Owls

Heading into the Huskers home opener versus Florida Atlantic I had very controlled optimism -- and for good reason. I knew the team returned a starting quarterback that went 7-1 last season. I knew the team had a bevy of running backs that rivaled any in the country. I knew the defensive line was amongst the top in the Big Ten. And I knew the linebacking core was fast and hungry.

But would it all transfer onto the field?


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